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4 Benefits of Business Translation Services for Your Organization

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

The Benefits of Business Translation Services for Your Organization

Business translation services can include document translation, on-site interpretation for meetings, and conference interpretation for large-scale events.  Most often, companies and human resource departments leverage a combination of these services to create a safe, productive, and legally compliant work environment.

Here are 4 benefits of business translation services.

Employee Satisfaction

An employee’s potential for success is rooted in their experiences with the company.  When the employee has a full understanding of his or her position and the company’s expectations, he or she is able to thrive.  However, when language creates a barrier to that understanding, he or she can be left feeling as though success is a moving target.

Employee satisfaction is about more than liking the job or company; it’s about knowing you are good at what you do. Human resource managers can support their company and its LEP employees by providing essential human resource and training documents in their employees’ native languages.  Inclusion initiatives can go even further by leveraging interpreters and interpreting equipment for meetings, trainings, workshops, and company events.

Increased Productivity

Generally speaking, employees want to perform well at their jobs, but when miscommunications stand in the way of fully understanding his or her duties, it’s impossible to achieve the desired output.  Business translation services can cause productivity to skyrocket by effectively communicating best practices, quality standards, and proper procedures at even the most detailed levels.

Improved Compliance

It’s your legal responsibility to ensure your employees have not only been given materials regarding federal and state statutes as well as industry regulations, but also understood them.  Using a business translation service, your organization can benefit from increases in safety as set by OSHA standards, in environmental considerations as set by the EPA, and in patient confidentiality as set by HIPAA – just to name a few.  Multi-lingual trainings can also help your company avoid common workplace lawsuits, such as discrimination and sexual harassment.

Boost in Morale & Loyalty

When you have a multicultural workforce, multilingual communications can result in a great boost in morale.  Employees feel more respected by their employers because translated documents and meetings communicate so much more than the information being delivered; it communicates that you value the employee and his or her experience with your company.  Business translation services often lead to higher retention rates and a sense of loyalty from employees.

Explore the Benefits of Business Translation Services with Continental Interpreting Services

For more than 20 years, Continental Interpreting Services has provided language solutions that bridge communication gaps and transcend cultural barriers. With a worldwide network of certified and qualified interpreters and translators, CIS brings you the highest quality interpreting and translation services—quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Call us at (800) 201-7121 or click here to request a quote.

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