Document Translation

Lost in translation is the last place you want your message or critical information to end up. Although online translation tools are handy, they can’t do the job for employee handbooks, legal forms, product manuals and other formal documents. Luckily, our document translation services are here to help. CIS can translate documents across various languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, and more.

Our project managers pay close attention to the characteristics of the target language, target market, document layout and subject matter. All of translations are managed in our in-house translation management system. This enables our project managers to ensure our QA measures are applied and followed with each translation. Our online portal gives clients the ability to centralize their translation needs with quick quote requests, file management, and more.

Multilingual DTP

In addition to our document translation services, our multilingual desktop publishing service can be an integral step when translating certain documents that have a defined format. A document in English can increase up to 30 percent in length when translated into another language. Combine this challenge with differences in how languages are read—right to left, left to right—and cultural expectations about fonts and graphics, and translated documents often need to be reformatted to accurately reflect the layout, message and goals of the original. We work on Mac and PC platforms across a variety of software programs, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and more. We deliver the design files with the translated text as well as high-resolution PDF files so your translation is print ready.

Certified Translation

CIS can provide certified translations of legal and official documents. Our certified translations ensure that the translation is legally compliant. This is especially important for any legal document being used in litigation. All of our certified translations include a signed declaration.

Legal Documents:

  • Contracts
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Human Resource Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Legal Forms
  • Notices

Business Documents:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Forms
  • Meeting Documents
  • Product Manuals
  • Program Evaluations
  • Reports
  • Technical Manuals
  • Training Materials


  • Evaluations and Assessment Reports
  • IEP documents (Individualized Education Program)
  • Medical Reports
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Parent-Student Handbook
  • Statewide Assessments Overview
  • Student Registration Form

Interested in our services? Request a quote, email us, or call us at 800.201.7121 to discuss your needs in detail.