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In the city of San Francisco, Continental Interpreting stands as a beacon of excellence in language translation and certified translation services. For over 30 years, our commitment to bridging communication barriers has been unwavering, providing professional language solutions to a diverse array of industries and clients.


At Continental Interpreting, we understand the unique linguistic challenges faced by businesses and organizations in San Francisco. Our interpreter and translation services in San Francisco are tailored to meet these challenges head-on, consistently offering quality in every request. Whether it’s a legal document or a large-scale multilingual meeting or event, our expertise in language translation services ensures accuracy and reliability.

Our services are not limited to written translation. The interpreters we provide are adept at navigating complex scenarios, from legal depositions to educational seminars. This versatility makes us an ideal choice for Workers’ Comp defense, education, government, corporations, and more. Moreover, our extensive network allows us to offer services in all major languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Armenian, Vietnamese, and more.

Continental Interpreting values precision and understands the nuances of each assignment. We pride ourselves on offering customized solutions that meet industry standards. Our interpreter and translation services in San Francisco are provided by professionals who have a thorough understanding of cultural context and industry-specific terminologies.

Serving primary locations like San Mateo, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Richmond, San Jose, and the wider San Francisco Bay Area, our language services are accessible where they are most needed. We are more than just a translation service; we are a vital link that connects cultures and facilitates understanding in a city as diverse as San Francisco.

Contact Continental Interpreting today and experience unparalleled expertise in interpreter and translation services in San Francisco. Let us be your organization’s guide in transcending language barriers and achieving effective communication in every endeavor.




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