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4 Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation Services

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

4 Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation Services

While the benefits of document translations are seemingly endless, here are four of the most important reasons you should consider translating your employee handbook into your employees’ native languages.

1. Set Your Employees Up for Success

Employees are more likely to thrive when they understand the company’s policies, benefits, and expectations.  Employee handbook translation services ensure you’re able to give all of your employees the same baseline of knowledge from the very start.  Perhaps even more importantly, translated onboarding documents communicate that your company values the new employee for the contributions they will be making – without leaving them feeling alienated because of their language skills.

2. Improve Productivity and Safety

From how to request time off to what safety equipment is required to enter the warehouse – it’s likely that your organization has put a good deal of thought into its policies and procedures.  What good does it do if some of your employees don’t understand the details?  By translating your employee handbook and any other related policies (especially job-specific safety standards), you’ll see more of your employees following the procedures you’ve worked so hard to develop.

3. Reduce the Risk of Workplace Disputes

As an HR professional, it’s your legal and ethical responsibility to ensure your employees have not only been given materials regarding state and federal statutes, industry regulations, and company policies – but that they also understood them.  Translated employee handbooks help you avoid common workplace disputes and lawsuits, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, and legal non-compliance, by ensuring all parties had the opportunity to read the expectations and understand their rights.  After all, HR document translations are far more cost-effective than potential litigation and settlements.

4. Create an Inclusive Environment

Employee handbook translation services help you take an important step towards boosting morale, increasing employee satisfaction, and encouraging loyalty because translated documents signify the deep respect your company has for its employees.  It shows your commitment to engaging the entire organization, across languages, and looking out for their best interests.

Benefit from Employee Handbook Translation Services – and So Much More!

While employee handbook translations are an important first step, there are many other documents you should consider translating, too.  Here are some of the most important employment documents to consider translating:

  1. Arbitration Agreements

  2. Contracts

  3. Safety Documents

  4. Training Materials

  5. Company Policies

  6. Review Forms

  7. Applications

  8. Benefit Packages

Additionally, you can take your inclusion initiatives to the next level with On-Site Interpreters or Multilingual Webinars for effective communication during:

  1. Training Workshops

  2. Company Meetings

  3. Safety Meetings

  4. Interviews

  5. Reviews

  6. Sexual Harassment Training

  7. Conferences & Events

For more than 25 years, Continental Interpreting has provided language solutions that bridge communication gaps and transcend cultural barriers. With a worldwide network of certified and qualified interpreters and translators, CIS brings you the highest quality interpreting and translation services—quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Call us at (800) 201-7121 or request a quote.

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