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Hybrid meetings are becoming more and more common across all industries, but anyone who’s ever organized one knows it can be difficult to handle the logistics, especially when there’s a need for interpretation.


Continental Interpreting can help you navigate the complexity of multilingual hybrid meetings. Our remote interpreters for meetings ensure all meeting participants can follow along and engage.


We help you bridge language gaps and are specially qualified to handle the unique challenges of hybrid meetings or events with on-site and virtual participants.



Remote Interpreters For Events Are A Valuable Asset to Meeting & Events Professionals


When you need remote interpreters for meetings or events,  cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpreting platforms can provide a seamless experience to every participant.


These platforms enable participants to view, listen, and engage in online meetings or events directly in their language of choice. If you’re already using a meeting or conference software, you can easily integrate with some of the most popular tools, such as Zoom, WebEX, or Go2Meeting.


Our remote interpreters for events can also tune in from our professional interpreting studio, a controlled environment designed exclusively for remote interpreting. The studio is equipped with all the necessary hardware, stable internet connections, and live internet support, which greatly reduces the risk of connectivity issues or discrepancies between the interpreters and the technical team.


Not only that, but Continental Interpreting can also provide on-site interpreters if needed, as well as any professional equipment you require to ensure the meeting or event runs smoothly. Our technicians help with the setup, so you do not have to concern yourself with such technical issues.