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Our Southern California based head quarters places us in an ideal location to staff for Spanish Interpreters throughout Orange County and LA. As our most frequently requested language Spanish is spoken by peoples and nations from all over the globe. Per the latest estimates Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people with an expected growth to 650 million people by 2050! In the United States there are believed to be over 40 million native Spanish speakers, at its current growth rate the U.S projects to be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world by that same 2050 date. One of the many aspects that make the Spanish language unique it how it differs sometimes slightly and sometimes widely depending on the native country of origin. For instance in Argentina , Uruguay, El Salvador and Honduras the use of voseo — using the pronoun vos instead of tú “you” which is common in most other forms of Spanish from Mexico, Spain, Peru and elsewhere. There are also some languages similarities shared among Caribbean Spanish dialect zones like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Panama. One might notice some word patterns and pronunciations that are unique to this region.


At Continental Interpreting we have access to Spanish speaking interpreters from all over the globe. Whatever the need, we can find a fit for our clients no matter how exact the match. We provide Spanish interpreters for services and industry that are vast and far ranging. From legal proceedings, medical and health care, business negotiations, mergers and acquisitions and conferences /special events CIS has you covered.


Spoken Language: Spanish


Written Language: Spanish


Language Fun Fact: Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and the second largest native language in the world. (Source: The World Language Project)


Spanish Resources:

Alphabet & Vowels
Hear How Spanish Sounds
Watch a Funny Video Of The Different Spanish Accents

Reach out to us today about our professional interpreting services in this language. Request a quote today.




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