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At Continental Interpreting we offer Cambodian interpreting and translation services. Cambodian is also commonly referred to as Khmer ( pronounced “kuh-mair”). There are several dialects including Middle Khmer, Cardamom (Western) Khmer, Central Khmer, Surin (Northern) Khmer, Standard Khmer, Khmer Krom, Battambang, Southern Khmer, Phnom Penh. Despite the obvious origin ties to Cambodia, Khmer is also spoken and has linguistic influences in Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Lao,and Cham. What makes this language unique is the fact that there are no vocal inflections and that words generally flow in subject–verb–object format.


Our Cambodian (Khmer) interpreters are aware of the linguistic and cultural nuances that make Khmer unique. Our most common Cambodian (Khmer) interpreting services are used for legal assignments, medical appointments and business meetings. medical visits, legal translation and business interpreting services. We also provide Cambodian (Khmer) document translation services across a wide variety of industries and document types


Spoken Language: Cambodian (Khmer)


Written Language: Khmer Script


Language Fun Fact: Khmer has the oldest written records of any Southeast Asian language. There are stone carved inscriptions dating all the way back to the seventh century.


Cambodian Resources:

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