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In our diverse society, legal professionals often encounter the need to translate case information for LEPs or people with Limited English Proficiency. If you are a legal professional who has acquired audio or video evidence for a legal proceeding, you may benefit from audio and video transcription. In addition, multilingual documents and audio and video files, when presented in court as evidence, may require certified document translation services to be admissible in court.

Having a reliable partner for transcription services for your audio and video content prepares your team for these scenarios where legal interpreters and translated transcriptions are necessary for efficiency and effective communication among parties. Continental Interpreting helps translate and transcribe your work from various formats into your desired language.

Transcription in Legal Settings


Audio and video transcriptions allow attorneys and other legal industry professionals to leverage recorded audio and video as discovery material, which allows for increased clarity and credibility.

Transcription services are essential if you have audio recording files that could help strengthen your case. For instance, you may have interviews with witnesses or other video files that you may need transcribed or translated from a foreign language to English.

Our Services

Continental Interpreting provides professional and certified translation services. Certified translations may be necessary for legal or business purposes. Certified translations are delivered with a declaration that confirms the translation was completed by a certified translator, abiding by US Law.

Whether it’s a videotaped interview or a recorded statement, you get strict quality control measures with our professional audio and video transcription. We accept and can translate video and audio files in various media formats. Our audio and video transcription services include the conversion of audio to text by a qualified or certified translator. Our transcriptions include timestamps and proper formatting, ensuring easy comprehension of the transcribed content.

As a one-stop shop, we can also offer access to other language solutions, like on-site and remote interpreters, as well as document translation.

Why Choose Us


With Continental Interpreting's commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a leading service provider of audio and video transcription for depositions, interviews, phone calls, and more.

Our certified SBE and DVBE agency fulfills over 10,000 language requests annually.





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