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Confidentiality: What You Need to Know About Conference Interpreting and Multilingual Events

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Confidentiality, Conference Interpreting, and Multilingual Events

Conference interpreting combines highly specialized language experts and today’s leading A/V technology to effectively communicate your client’s live messages to the audience.  As with any technology, some are designed for heightened security while others are intended to offer benefits like affordability or flexibility.

Conference Interpreting Equipment and Confidentiality

In the conference interpreting world, there are 3 general technologies to consider when it comes to equipment: hard-wired, radio frequency, and infrared.

Hard-wired equipment, such as CIS’s Discussion System, use a daisy-chain cabling set-up (or something similar) to connect the microphones and listening devices.  This creates a closed-circuit interpreting system that’s highly secure.  However, hard-wired options are best suited for smaller events or meetings, such as contract negotiations and board of directors meetings.

For larger events, wireless conference interpreting equipment is often the only option.  In this case, you’ll have to choose between radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) technologies.

RF wireless technologies use FM radio frequencies to transmit the interpreter’s audio feed.  The listening devices are programmed to “tune in” to the appropriate frequencies or “channels” to listen to the interpreter.  The wide range of equipment available that uses this technology makes it a more budget-friendly language solution.  However, radio frequencies are susceptible to interference, so RF equipment isn’t appropriate for events that deal with confidential information.

IR wireless technologies, on the other hand, are great options for highly confidential events because they are limited to “line of sight” transmissions.  IR radiators are used as relay stations to address range issues for larger events, but in its simplest form, IR technologies require the listener to be able to “see” the transmitter.  In other words, only those who are in the room and have an IR receiver will have access to the classified information.  While incredibly secure, IR wireless equipment can be cost-prohibitive for some budgets.

As your partner for conference interpreting, the team of experts at CIS can help you choose the right equipment for your language translation concerns – including issues such as confidentiality.  To learn more about event and conference interpreting, read our post: The Beginners Guide to Event Translation Services.

Explore the Benefits of Conference Interpreting with Continental Interpreting Services

For more than 20 years, Continental Interpreting Services has provided language solutions that bridge communication gaps and transcend cultural barriers. With a worldwide network of certified and qualified interpreters and translators, CIS brings you the highest quality interpreting and translation services—quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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