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Univision Broadcasts Simultaneous Interpreting of Debate

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Miami, Florida—For the latest Democratic debate, the TV network Univision broadcasts simultaneous interpretation. This made the event accessible for multilingual listeners.

Why did Univision offer professional interpretation?

When interpreting debate content, you cannot risk inaccuracy in candidate messages. You risk unfairly influencing voter perceptions and their voting decision without them knowing.

How did Univision prepare for this?

Univision offered study material that would prepare interpreters. Preparation material is key when it comes to technical events. By doing this, Univision ensures professional and accurate interpretation is accessible to multilingual voters. Future voters are able to listen to a message, rather than focus on information they cannot understand.

Watch the video (available in Spanish) and witness the unique setup Univision achieved to make the audience’s experience smooth. You don’t have to know Spanish to appreciate the footage featured: interpreters in action and a unique backstage look into this debate.

Please note: While our company did not provide these services, the footage is an excellent example of the value of professional interpreting services, which is why we chose to share this with you.

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