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3 Ways to Make Your Content More Accessible

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Is your content accessible? Here are 3 ways you can make your videos, articles, webinars and other content more accessible.

At Continental Interpreting, we're committed to finding ways for you to make your materials, meetings, and events more accessible to speakers and listeners of other languages. We're also committed to providing the highest quality services, so your message is never lost.

Professional translation and interpreting services provide you with this, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that your audience can understand your message.

We're proud to provide quality transcription services, as well as captioning, subtitling, and hard-of-hearing equipment rentals. Here are 3 top ways our team can provide you with services that make your materials, meetings, and events more accessible.

Written Translation

Written translations are the simplest way to inform your reader of important changes. If you need to translate formal correspondences, video transcripts, or training manuals, we offer competitive rates to improve your document accessibility.

We also offer translations that are prepared by certified translators, a popular choice for legal documents, corporate policies, and any other formal communications.

Captioning & Multilingual Subtitling

If you're preparing videos for a multilingual audience, you may need to provide them with multilingual subtitles. This is especially important if your videos are intended to inform a company on company policies or handbook material.

Captioning is useful for audiences that include d/Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing people. When you caption your videos, you are assisting your d/Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing audience fully understand the audio in the video or audio file.

Do you have a webinar or recorded presentation that could use captions or subtitles? Consider adding these to your recorded webinar, online meeting, or event.

Don't need captions or subtitles, but want to have a multilingual recording of your video or audio file? You can also send us the file, and we can record a translated audio file for you.

Hard-of-Hearing Equipment Rentals

Popular year-round, hard-of-hearing systems ensure your d/Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing audience is included in the meeting or event program. By providing them with assistive listening equipment, you not only include them, you make it easier for them to be part of the meeting or event.

Read about the terms d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.


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Continental Interpreting is a Certified DVBE and Top 30 Language Company in the United States, as well as a member of events associations like MPI and ACCED-I. Learn about our affiliations.


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