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International Translation Day

Updated: Sep 18

What is International Translation Day?

The United Nations named September 30th International Translation Day. The day aims to recognize the important role of language professionals in our modern society.

The UN believes that the work of language professionals helps to unite nations, foster peace, and productivity among nations. Continental Interpreting could not agree more. Translation is beneficial to achieve a more efficient and better world altogether.

Benefits of professional translation services:

  1. Saves you time to think about your message, rather than how you will be able to communicate that.

  2. Makes you feel at ease working with professionals who are competent and able to translate the message accurately.

  3. Helps you communicate clearly without the risk of your message being lost.

  4. Assists you in achieving better results.

As language professionals, we strive to consistently effect positive change. We do this by leveraging our experience in cross-cultural communication.

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