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Conference Discussion System for Large Depositions

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The setting of a deposition in a large conference room, with multiple parties involved, can be challenging for everybody present, especially for the court reporter. This is because it can be difficult to hear voices from one end to the other end of the room. This situation may cause the following issues:

  1. A delay due to needing to repeat questions and answers not clearly heard or understood by everyone in the room.

  2. An unreliable testimony due to the possibility of the deponent misunderstanding a question being asked. This is especially true if the deponent or any of the parties involved has a hearing deficiency.

The solution is as simple as renting the proper conference discussion system that enables everybody in the room to clearly hear all parties involved.  There are two types of conference discussion systems we have available to rent:

  1. Wired microphone discussion system

  2. Portable wireless discussion system

Wired Microphone Discussion System

The wired microphone discussion system (pictured above) consists of a Central Control Unit, which offers various levels of customization based on the meeting format, and microphone base units for each meeting participant. A technician will setup the entire system and make any adjustments based on the client’s needs. Each of the base units has a loud speaker allowing the audio spoken to be heard throughout the room. Another option is to connect headphones to the base unit so that the spoken audio can be heard through headphones by each participant. Any participant that needs to speak will simply push a button on their base unit. At that time a red light at the tip of the microphone lights up showing everyone in the room that that microphone is live. The audio spoken through that microphone will be heard clearly by all the participants.

Another advantage of using the wired microphone system is that it allows for simultaneous language interpretation.  By having simultaneous language interpretation as compared to consecutive language interpretation, the deposition time can be cut by almost 50%.

Portable Wireless Discussion System

The portable wireless discussion system is shipped or delivered to the meeting venue in a small case. Each meeting participant would receive a unit that is about the size of a smart phone. Each participant that wishes to speak will push microphone button. This button will light up red indicating that unit’s microphone is live and will be heard by everyone. There is no need for a technician to setup the wireless discussion system.

Another use for this this portable wireless discussion system is as a litigation support tool. Bring it along when you have to tour and communicate in a noisy environment. For example, a guided tour of a scene to be used for evidence in a case. The uses can be endless.

Global Remote Participants

We offer services through a cloud-based conferencing system available that helps facilitates communication for depositions. With this online platform, participants can attend the deposition virtually from anywhere in the world. They can hear and view any presentation or video using their smartphones, tablets or desktops. This platform also supports simultaneous interpreting by way of remote interpreting.  It can be a very useful tool for depositions taking place abroad where not all the parties are able to be on-site at the deposition due to budget or schedules.

Having these options available can make communication more efficient during your depositions. For more information on our conference discussion systems or our cloud-based multilingual conferencing platform please contact our office.

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