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As our world evolves and businesses expand their reach globally, successful ventures in international markets rely on effective cross-cultural communication. Growing organizations benefit from translation to reach their target markets as well as for internal communication with multilingual workforces.

In multilingual communities, translation services are essential to provide community members with language access to public health and safety information and other local and state government updates.

Further, in legal cases involving individuals with limited English proficiency (LEPs)—such as in Legal & Risk Insurance—case information must be understood for clarity and effectiveness.

Continental Interpreting is here to help, offering comprehensive document translation services that allow seamless communication across industries.

Accurate translation of corporate documents is essential for businesses operating in multilingual environments. Whether it's internal documents like contracts, HR materials, or marketing materials, maintaining the integrity and precision of information across languages is paramount.

Our certified document translation services are crucial to multilingual legal cases as legal professionals utilize these to present accurate information throughout the phases of a case.

How Continental Interpretation Can Help

Continental Interpreting’s document translation services ensure that critical information is not lost in translation.

Our translation project managers pay close attention to the characteristics of the source document, target language, audience, subject matter, and document layout. This ensures that the integrity of the document and its message is prioritized.

Our certified document translations are managed in our in-house translation management system and an internal QA process is followed for each translation to ensure a high-quality translation is delivered based on client requirements. Files can also be securely uploaded and downloaded in our CIS client portal.

Continental Interpreting can translate documents across various languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, and more.

Trust Continental Interpreting as Your Partner for Document Translation

With Continental Interpreting's commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a leading service provider of certified document translation.

Here's how our document translation services benefit your team or firm:

  • Industry Expertise: Our team of professionals are experienced in industry best practices which ensure accurate and trusted translation management.


  • ​Confidentiality & Security: Your documents are handled with confidentiality in mind, and are protected by robust security measures, ensuring the privacy of sensitive information.​


  • Timely Delivery: We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality, delivering translations with quick turnaround times.

Whether you need document translation services for legal documents, corporate communications, community documents, or multilingual DTP services, our professional and efficient team is ready to assist you. Get in touch today by calling (800) 201-7121, or request your free quote here.





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