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Who is Perry the Falcon™?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Perry the Falcon™ is the mascot of Continental Interpreting. He is a peregrine falcon with many valuable qualities, such as integrity, conscientiousness, agility, and more. That makes him the embodiment of what we strive to provide for our clients. Keep reading to learn about his story and how he inspires the team at Continental Interpreting.

Perry's Story

Perry’s parents met in Colombia, where many peregrine falcons travel during the wintertime. Rather than going back to their original homes, they decided to start a family there in Colombia... but their love for travel and a desire to learn more about the world would eventually lead them to take flight again.

They were travelers by nature, after all.

Perry was about 5 years old when he and his parents started migrating north. They rested in various countries in Central America, and eventually stopped to visit some relatives in Mexico. Perry was fascinated by the ruins of old civilizations he’d come across during that journey, and he developed a love for archaeology and culture.

After too short a visit, they moved farther north to the United States. Here, they saw new opportunities that were different from those of other countries that they had visited.

Peregrine falcons take great pride in freedom. So, it was hardly surprising that Perry's parents were curious about the diversity of ideas that spread freely in the United States. There, they would meet falcons from around the world, expand their minds, and grow their knowledge about places they'd never visited. They decided to stay longer in the United States than they had ever stayed anywhere else.

Perry, too, was fascinated by the diversity of stories he heard from other peregrine falcons in the United States. He made up his mind that when he grew older, he’d go on his own journeys.

He would later visit Asia, Africa, and Europe and learn about how other areas of the world differed from his own North and South American background.

Peregrine Falcons: Our Inspiration

Our mascot, Perry the Falcon™ is a peregrine falcon. Peregrine falcons are exceptional animals, with many characteristics that reflect our company’s core values:


The peregrine falcon is found throughout the world. Just like Perry the Falcon™, we know a thing or two about world languages and cultures.


An advanced hunter by nature, peregrine falcons have extremely acute vision and are meticulous in their approach. At Continental Interpreting, we're detail-oriented and visionaries always striving to improve our services.


Peregrine falcons mate for life, a symbol of lasting integrity. Integrity matters when working with Continental Interpreting. We're loyal to our clients, we value confidentiality, and we strive to be honest in everything we do.


The peregrine falcon is as fast as a Formula 1 driver. With our industry knowledge, we make quick but sound decisions. We stay on top of technological developments to continuously improve our clients’ experience.


As quick and responsive as the peregrine falcon, our attentive team is service-oriented and always keeps our clients in mind.

Interested in how the peregrine falcon looks in real life? You can see a video on the Smithsonian YouTube channel here.


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