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Mexican Independence Day

Mexicans celebrate Independence Day

Each year on September 16th, Mexico celebrates Mexican Independence Day.

The day commemorates the first day of the Mexican War of Independence. This is the war that eventually freed Mexico from Spanish colonial rule.

The Mexican War of Independence would start on September 15th, 1810. On that date, Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo delivered the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores), the call to arms that encouraged thousands to rebel against Spanish rule. The next day, a rebellion began that lasted more than a decade.

After an 11-year-long war, Mexico was named an independent monarchy. Therefore, the month of September is a special month in Mexico, regarded as “el mes de la patria,” or the “month of the homeland.”

Today, when Mexicans celebrate this holiday, they:

  1. Light fireworks

  2. Hang the Mexican flag

  3. Reenact the Grito de Dolores

  4. Eat patriotic colorful foods, like chiles en nogada

  5. …and of course, yell ¡Viva, México!

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