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Continental Interpreting: Top 30 Language Service Provider in North America

After another successful year, Continental Interpreting Services (CIS) has ranked as one of the largest language service providers (LSPs) in the global translation, localization, and interpreting industry.

The Ranking

On May 2019, independent market research firm CSA Research reported that CIS ranks among the top-grossing LSPs. The ranking considers the $49.60 billion global market for outsourced language services and technology. The full report is available here.

The research revealed that CIS currently ranks as the 28th largest LSP in North America.

Other Research Findings

Other CSA Research industry data forecasts that the language services market will grow 6.62% in the next year. The 100 largest LSPs grew at 20.08% in the last year. Further, The industry’s compound annual growth rate over the last 11 years was 7.76%.

Dr. Donald A. DePalma, CSA Research Chief Research Officer comments:

“People worldwide prefer consuming information in their own language. Meeting this expectation… fuels an indispensable global industry that continues growing due to global digital transformation. Language service providers… [deliver] essential translation, interpreting, and localization outsourcing capabilities to businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals around the world.”

Dedicated to Clients and Our Industry

For over 25 years, CIS has successfully bridged language gaps across industries. Through face-to-face meetings, large conferences and document translation projects, CIS is dedicated to delivering quality and attentive language services. Not only does our team meet client needs, we aspire to thrive within our industry.

You can watch our video here for more.

About CSA Research

CSA Research is a market research firm specializing in the language services and technology industry. An independent market research company, its trusted and verified data helps companies like CIS grow. For more information, visit: csa-research.com.

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