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The U.S. Census has provided that almost 66 million people in the country are not English
speakers. That is roughly 20% of the population that belongs to communities with limited
English proficiency—and why translation continues to be essential nationwide.

If you are a member of a government agency working on initiatives that affect multilingual
communities, effective multilingual communication is crucial. And our government translation
services can help.

Why It's Essential

In order to provide equitable communication to the community, government agencies need to
make language access a priority for their organizations. Government agency organizations, such
as the offices of the City Council, City Attorney local government departments, and
neighborhood councils benefit from professional language services to ensure that all members
of the community have access to equal access to public information, resources, and
participation in public affairs.

Continental Interpreting is experienced in government translation services used to translate
City Council agendas, minutes, public health updates, and more.

In addition to document translation services, our company also provides access to a large
network of community interpreters, also known as government interpreters

Community interpreter services are ideal for community meetings and events in which
information needs to be communicated to constituents regarding issues such as real estate
development, public domain, public health and safety, policing, social programs, or other issues
that may impact a community.

Whether disseminating important documents, conducting interviews, or facilitating meetings,
accurate and reliable translations are essential for fostering transparency, trust, and
engagement with diverse communities.

Why Choose Us

For over 30 years, Continental Interpreting has been known for its resourcefulness, reliability,
and trustworthiness and dedication to simplify translation and interpretation for you and your
team. With expertise in all major languages, our certified SBE and DVBE company consistently
fulfills over 10,000 language service orders yearly.


For decades, Continental Interpreting has been the preferred language partner of the government
entities like police departments, social services agencies, city attorneys, and other government
agencies. Our network of government interpreters and translators are certified in accordance
with state laws and maintain a strong focus on security, confidentiality, and urgency with all

Get in touch today to learn more about our multilingual solutions for government, like
government interpreters and translations




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