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Farsi is continually one of our more popular and requested languages for interpreting and translation. Farsi which is often also referred to as Persian, is believed to be the most commonly spoken language among the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian languages.  Farsi today is the national language of Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, there are also several US areas with a high Farsi speaking population including California , Washington DC, Dallas, and the Houston Texas metropolis.


The Persian language is also said to be the only member of the Iranian language group to  have existed throughout all three phases of the Iranian language group’s development, Old, Middle, and New. Modern Farsi is a direct descendant of the Old and Middle Persian languages, and developed around 950 AD. Today there an estimated 40 million Farsi speakers in Iran alone.


At Continental Interpreting our Farsi interpreters most frequently attend legal and medical proceedings as well as other business verticals in order to ensure native Farsi speakers are able to understand the intended message. Our agency prides itself on understanding both the cultural nuances and linguistic idiosyncrasy of the native language which goes along way with our wide range of Persian /Farsi clients.


Spoken Language: Persian


Written Language: Arabic Script


Language Fun Fact:  The Persian language has had minimal change in the past thousand years. So a person who speaks modern Persian can understand tenth-century Persian (excluding a few words and phrases).


Farsi Resources:

Persian Alphabet 

Hear How Farsi Sounds

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