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Armenian language interpreters are in high demand. At Continental Interpreting we provide our clients with certified Armenian interpreters who are not only fluent in the many Armenian dialects but who are also able to appropriately articulate the cultural elements that make Armenian so unique. Armenian is spoken by over 6 million people world wide, primarily in Armenia and Nagomo-Karabakg abroad, with heavy U.S. representation in California, New York and Massachusetts.There are a few different Armenian dialects including Eastern, Western, Homeshetsi and Lomavren. From a linguistic perspective what makes Armenian one of the more versatile languages to learn is that it is what is referred to as an “Indo-European language” meaning that while Armenian remains and independent language it’s dialects have languages origins in common with a family of languages that were spread throughout Europe and many parts of South Asia, In the case of Armenian these linguistic roots are derived from Greek, Latin and Syriac.


At CIS our team of skilled Armenian interpreters and translators work in partnership with our clients to ensure the right message is communicated to the intended recipient. While we also offer Armenian document and website translation services our most common Armenian related service offerings pertain to legal or court room interpreting, court dispositions health care services / doctor’s visits and business interpreting.


Spoken Language: Armenian


Written Language: The Armenian Alphabet


Armenian Fun Fact: In Armenia,Russian is also spoken heavily and is generally considered as Armenia’s second language

Armenian Resources:




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