Remote Interpretation

There are many benefits to choosing us as your language service provider for Remote Interpretation services.

The powerful cloud-based interpretation platform by KUDO allows participants to view, listen and participate in meetings in real time anywhere in the world, in any language. Live video and multilingual audio stream from the meeting, allowing users to select which language they want to listen to from their PC or smartphone. Additionally, the platform offers document sharing, live polling and Q&A. This combination of features allows all meeting attendees to feel as if they were right there in the meeting room. CIS is a certified KUDO partner.

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  • Reach a larger audience remotely
  • Multilingual video streaming and remote participation
  • Travel not feasible or too expensive
  • Interpreters aren’t available at meeting location
  • Last minute language additions
  • Give meeting attendees the ability to listen to translation on their mobile device


  • Stream fully-synced HD video
  • Q&A and Chat: Attendees can ask the presenter a question or use the chat function to post to the meeting message board
  • Simultaneous Language Interpretation: Attendees can choose a language to listen to and seamlessly switch between language channels during a session
  • Interpreter Support: Interpreters work from the event site or from a KUDO studio
  • Document Sharing: Attendees can view and download meeting files or presentations directly to their PC or smartphone
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