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Globalization is an increasingly common and accessible strategy for a wide range of companies, organizations, and associations. Conference interpretation services and interpreting equipment give you the power to reach multilingual audiences at international events and expand your targeting opportunities.

We help meeting and event professionals bridge the communication gap with professional conference interpretation services that help you gather the full attention of your audience.

Continental Interpreting pairs experienced simultaneous conference interpreters and sophisticated interpreting equipment to deliver seamless communication at meetings and events of all types and sizes. Our large network of conference and event interpreters and portable equipment enables us to serve all major U.S. markets, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and
Washington D.C.

We offer on-site, remote, and hybrid solutions that allow participants to view, listen, and participate in a meeting or event in their preferred language choice. We can also translate and format conference materials or meeting documents.

Why is Conference Interpretation Beneficial for Meeting & Event Planners?

Conferences bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages. In such a dynamic setting, effective communication is key to facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and decision-making. Further, by leveraging the expertise of event interpreters, meeting and event managers can create experiences that are inclusive, efficient, and effective. Simply put, if you are trying to create an environment where every participant can engage actively without being hindered by language differences, you can benefit from multilingual
language services like conference interpretation services.

How We Can Help

Continental Interpreting provides top-rated interpreters that help you create successful multilingual events. In addition, our team maintains a strong reputation, largely due to the following benefits of working with us:

  • Expert Knowledge: For over 30 years, Continental Interpreting has been providing professional business-to-business language services.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: You save time and money because we’re a one-stop resource for all your language needs.

  • Five-Star Service: Our team is always friendly and responsive to any questions you might have.

  • Competitive Rates: Due to our competitive standing and industry expertise, we’re able to bundle our services to offer our clients competitive pricing.

Choose Continental Interpreting to Enhance Your Next Meeting or Event

Continental Interpreting consistently fulfills more than 10,000 requests every year. If you need a quote on event interpreters or interpreting equipment rentals for an upcoming conference, send us a message today to see which meeting and event solution best fits your needs.

Get in touch today for professional conference interpretation services you can trust.





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