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One of our exotic language translation service offerings, Greek is a classical Western Language and a member of the INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGE family. The Greek language is most commonly divided into either Ancient (Classical) Greek or Modern Greek (developed from Koine Greek). Today Greek is spoken most commonly in Greece, Albania and Cyprus with added adoption in the Soviet Union and the eastern Mediterranean, and among Greek and Cypriot immigrants in Australia, Britain, Canada, Europe and the United States.


Our Greek language translation and interpreting services span across multiple industries and business verticals. We frequently provide Greek interpreters for legal dispositions, international and small business negotiations as well as for hospitals or medical care facilities with a high populous of native Greek speakers. CIS also provides Greek document translation services for a myriad of document types including legal, birth certificates, wills and real-estate / trusts. What separates Continental Interpreting from most of the competition is all of our certified interpreters also complete cultural training courses which allows them to be aware of the cultural nuances that are almost innate to native Greek speakers. The Greek language is spoken with a certain flare and often times there is a need to use vocal inflections or a specific cadence that adhere to cultural norms when communicating a particular idea or subject matter. Picking up on these nuances is what sets our interpreters apart.


The Greek Language At A Quick Glance


Spoken Language: Greek


Written Language : Greek


Number of global speakers: 13 million (estimated)


Fun Fact: Every Greece citizen over the age of 18 is required by law to vote.


Greek Resources:

Alphabet & Vowels
Hear How Greek Sounds
Greek Culture & Tourism
Greek Alphabet

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