Interpreting Equipment Rentals

CIS is one of the largest providers of interpreting equipment rentals in the United States. We rent interpreting equipment for meetings and events of all sizes – small, medium, large. We own a large inventory of portable interpreting equipment, table top booths, fully encapsulated booths, RF interpreting systems, wireless receivers and headphones.

We also provide simultaneous interpreters, often referred to as simultaneous translators, for conferences, annual meetings, conventions, seminars, presentations and more. These interpreters are highly skilled and can handle specialized subject matters. Visual aids are important in educating and engaging attendees. We can also translate documents and presentations in any file format as well as edit the translated text so it’s print ready.

  • Table top and fully encapsulated interpreting booths
  • Portable tour transmitters
  • RF conference interpreting systems
  • Discussion system for two-way communication
  • Wireless receivers and headphones (headsets)
  • Capability to handle Q&A sessions and relay interpreting
  • On-site technicians to setup, monitor and strike equipment
  • On-site project managers and event staff
  • Translation of signage, presentations and conference materials
  • Largest event: 2,500 multilingual attendees, 10 languages simultaneously

Interested in our services? Request a free quote, email us, or call us at 800.201.7121 to discuss your needs in detail.

How it Works

  1. While the speaker is communicating with the audience, our simultaneous interpreters sit in a soundproof booth (table top or fully encapsulated) while they are interpreting into the target languages. One booth is required per language and the booths are usually placed on the side of the room, back of the room, behind stage, or in a nearby room. If a booth is not being used, the interpreter can use a portable hand-held transmitter if the setting is appropriate for this system.
  2. Audience members that need interpretation hear the interpreters through lightweight, wireless listening devices — a receiver and a headset that are tuned to the proper language channel. There are various setups that are available depending on the format of the meeting or event such as relay interpreting or two-way communication between speakers and attendees during roundtables and Q&A sessions.
  3. Due to the complexity of simultaneous interpreting (SI) and to avoid fatigue, we always provide two interpreters per language if the meeting or event is over one hour. Working as a team allows our interpreters to perform at their best level throughout the duration of the meeting or event.
  4. Our on-site technicians are responsible for setting up the equipment, testing it, and monitoring throughout the duration of the meeting or event. Once the meeting or event is over, our technicians strike all equipment and return it to one of our office locations or have it shipped out. Additional event staff can be requested to assist with distribution and collection of listening devices (receivers and headphones).