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Remote Interpreting for Multilingual Meetings: The Next Generation of Language Solutions

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Remote Interpreting for Multilingual Meetings: The Next Generation of Language Solutions

As your business (or your client’s business) expands into new markets and across borders, the ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages becomes increasingly important for boosting productivity, improving quality, and building trust among key stakeholders.  Previously, this meant extensive language training for employees or hiring in-house consecutive interpreters, but a new generation of language solutions has arrived.

Remote interpreting for multilingual meetings combines professional simultaneous interpreting with cutting-edge technology, so you can maximize your business efforts while minimizing costs.

KUDO Partnership: The Best Solution for Remote Interpreting

Whether you’re an in-house or agency-based event coordinator, KUDO and Continental Interpreting Services (CIS) are changing the game for your cross-cultural meetings, conferences, and special events.  Now, Continental Interpreting can help you reach your global audience using the KUDO cloud-based language solution.

The intuitive design of KUDO’s platform powers remote interpreting with simplicity and reliability, while the expert interpreters provided by CIS ensure accurate and professional simultaneous interpreting.  The result is real-time streaming in up to 32 languages – delivered to participants’ smartphones or computers across the globe.

The Benefits of Remote Interpreting for Multilingual Meetings & Events

Remote interpreting for multilingual meetings, conferences, and events provides flexibility and performance for organizers and participants alike.  From video conferencing to audio-only feeds and private meetings to major events, the benefits of cloud-based remote interpreting are substantial.

Reduced Costs & Increased Access – With easy-to-use web and mobile applications, organizers and participants log in from their own devices.  By reducing the need for travel and traditional equipment rentals, your organization can reach more of its audience while reducing overall interpreting costs.

More Personal Experience – Live HD Video lets your speakers come alive on the screen, making your remote attendees feel like they’re in the room. Intelligent audio fallback systems ensure your translated messages come through even if participants experience limited-bandwidth situations.

Instant Feedback – Instead of endless follow-up emails, KUDO gives participants the ability to ‘raise their hands’ for questions. With text or live audio options, questions can be asked and answered across all languages.

Document Sharing – Just as you’d hand out documents during an in-person meeting, KUDO supports in-session document uploads.  For questions about document translations, check out the Top 5 Reasons to Use a Professional Document Translation Service.

Explore Remote Interpreting for Multilingual Meetings and Events with CIS

For more than 20 years, Continental Interpreting Services has provided language solutions that bridge communication gaps and transcend cultural barriers. With a worldwide network of certified and qualified interpreters and translators, CIS brings you the highest quality interpreting and translation services—quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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