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Connect Your International Teams with Multilingual Web Conferencing

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

In the global economy, your ability to communicate effectively across language and cultural barriers is increasingly important for your continued success.  To help businesses with this significant challenge, Continental Interpreting Services (CIS) is launching its multilingual web conferencing services as a KUDO certified partner  Blending simultaneous interpreting and cutting-edge digital technology, you can now conduct international meetings in real-time via phone, video conferences, and webinars.

Introducing Multilingual Web Conferencing as a Certified KUDO Partner

As a certified KUDO partner, we can maximize your meeting efficiency across multiple languages.  In one easy-to-use platform, KUDO combines traditional web conferencing with the language interpreting services you need – empowering attendees to participate in meetings and collaborate despite language differences and global locations. In addition, meeting times are also drastically reduced compared to using consecutive interpreting methods.

Building trust among your international teams and boosting productivity has never been more cost-efficient.  The multilingual web conferencing platform is available on-demand or through subscription-based pricing structures, providing your business with the flexibility it deserves.

How Does Multilingual Web Conferencing Work?

Similar to traditional web conferencing, organizers and participants are connected digitally through KUDO’s cloud-based application.  The difference is that remote interpreters are also connected to the feed.  As the meeting commences, the interpreters listen to the presentation and provide expert simultaneous translation in the requested languages.

The Participants’ Experience – Attending a multilingual web conference is simple and intuitive.  Participants log into the meeting on their computers or smartphones and choose their preferred language.  They are able to engage in the meeting in their preferred language, cast votes, and share ideas through the remote interpreter, so everyone is able to understand and interact.

The Organizer’s Experience – Setting up multilingual web conferencing is easier than you ever imagined.  Professional remote interpreters can be provided by CIS or access can be granted to your bilingual employees.  Then, all you need to do is upload your content, send out the invites, and launch the meeting.

The Remote Interpreters’ Experience – CIS’s expert business interpreters log into your web conference from our Southern California studio or your interpreters log in from their locations.  As the presenter speaks, the interpreters provide immediate translations into the participant’s language; and as participants ask questions or provide feedback, the interpreters translate on the participant’s behalf.  The result is a highly effective meeting with immediate benefits.

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Explore the Benefits of Multilingual Web Conferencing with Continental Interpreting Services

For more than 20 years, Continental Interpreting Services has provided language solutions that bridge communication gaps and transcend cultural barriers. With a worldwide network of certified and qualified interpreters and translators, CIS brings you the highest quality interpreting and translation services—quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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